Contact of HughesNet customer service

Contact HughesNet: In this article given below are the customer service details of HughesNet, which includes phone number and address. For any complaints or queries regarding Hughes products/services, broadband plans, payment assistance, technical support or other questions you can reach the below contacts. Besides contact details, this article also provides information and links on Hughes services.

About Hughes Network Systems

Hughes Network System was founded as Digital Communication Corp (DCC) in Rockville, Maryland. DCC, in the year 1971 lead by John Puente and Dr. Burton Edelson, It started with a $40,000 investment from its founders and is today the largest consumer satellite Internet service with one million active users. It provides a high-speed satellite internet service primarily targeting the work-at-home consumers and also business owners.

HughesNet users enjoy instant access to internet no matter where they are located. You can surf the web, connect with friends on social media, watch a YouTube video, or listen to your favourite tunes—even in rural areas. HughesNet lets you work or go to school remotely from anywhere. Besides US, Hughes has operations in Europe, India, Brazil, and China.

Further, Hughes supplies advanced broadband systems and terminals including satellite Network Operations Centers (NOCs) and gateways; two-way broadband satellite routers; mobile satellite handhelds and high-speed IP data terminals; and broadband wireless systems.

What is HughesNet?

HughesNet is a satellite internet provider, it works by sending requests from your laptop, computer, smartphone, or any other connected device to a HughesNet satellite in space (22,000 miles from Earth!). The satellite informs the Hughes Network Operations Center (NOC) of your request and sends it back to your device through the same satellite, which then sends it to the HughesNet equipment at your home (the satellite dish and modem) It offers high-speed satellite internet with a 25 Mbps download speed on all plans. HughesNet also offers a “No Data Cap” promise to its users that guarantees service at a reduced speed instead of being charged more if they go over their data limits. Also offers a “bonus zone,” wherein customers can use 50 gigabytes of additional data each month during off-peak hours. It is most effective to rural people who might not have access to the traditional fiber or cable internet services but because HughesNet is a satellite-based company, users all across the nation have access to its plans.

HughesNet pricing

HughesNet offers four packages that start at $49.99 per month. All plans include 25 Mbps download speeds and 3 Mbps upload speeds, but the plans differ in how much data can be used. Since it does not have a hard cap on data, HughesNet does not charge extra for extra data use, however it does significantly lower service speeds.

Customers can purchase their equipment outright or rent it for about $15 per month during their two-year contract. Customers must pay a $99 activation fee as well.

Is HughesNet good?

For many rural business owners and families, HughesNet is a very affordable option for internet service. Also where the . Although its plans are fairly limited in terms of flexibility and options, they’re designed to fit most families’ needs. Some homes that use the internet for more specific uses, such as gaming or HD video streaming, may find that its speeds aren’t ideal, but with its free "bonus zone," customers can download movies and install updates after hours to limit data usage.